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Fuelling The Biggest Digital Racing Media Network In The World


VEXT is the digital currency for immersive gaming experiences within VMG. Our games, powered by VEXT and developed in collaboration with Veloce partners, enhance your gaming journey by offering additional utility and rewarding early adopters. Join us as we revolutionise gaming together!

Veloce Media Group prides itself on being a forward-facing brand and disrupting traditional industries. We believe that the introduction of VEXT will allow us to take the meaning of fandom to the next level, allowing us to reward the dedicated members of our community, all whilst offering a vast range of utility throughout the group’s assets across gaming and racing.



VEXT holders transact across mobile games, web games and live interactive sports features; offering up prizes such as tokens, merchandise, and real world experiences.


VEXT is a token that provides holders with voting rights within the VMG ecosystem.


VEXT allows members to have the chance to attend sporting events, private events and personal experiences throughout the year.


VEXT will be accepted in our stores. Members with VEXT will receive and unlock exclusive perks and experiences surrounding our products and content.


VEXT is an open-source tool for third-party developers to participate in the ecosystem by incorporating VEXT into their games, services and other projects.

race clubs

Race Clubs is your destination to start earning rewards and additional perks with VEXT. These three exclusive clubs can be entered if you hold the required amount of VEXT. Within each Race Club, there is both a 3-month Sprint Race and a 6-month GP. Each Club will receive additional rewards and benefits throughout the racing period.

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Silver Race Club is the perfect starting point for members just entering the racing scene.

Limited to only 2,000 spaces, this is ideal for racers looking to improve their skills and compete at a high level.

To become part of this private club, simply store 200+ VEXT and join the exciting world of racing. Start your journey to the top with the Silver Race Club!

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The Gold Race Club offers the most competitive members a thrilling and challenging racing experience.

With a maximum of 2,000 spaces on offer, this is your chance to join a select group of top racers.

To gain access to this exclusive club, simply store 1000+ VEXT and get ready to push your racing skills to the limit. Join the Gold Race Club and elevate your racing game!

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Platinum Race Club is the perfect example of prestige in the racing world.

With only 1,000 available spaces, this Club is reserved for the most elite racers.

To join this exclusive club, you must demonstrate your commitment by storing 5000+ VEXT. Take your racing to the highest level and join the prestigious Platinum Race Club!

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This new space certainly can cause some confusion. Luckily you’ve come to the right place, we live at the intersection of sports, gaming and Web 3.0.

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technical WHITEPAPER

Our Web 3.0 integration is built upon technology, governance and reputable support from MDRxTECH. We’ve compiled all the details in our whitepaper that you can read.

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