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Veloce Media Group allows our members to come together with a shared mission and values to become part of the organisation.

Think of Veloce Media Group as an internet community with a shared bank account, where community members can influence how to use the funds.

how does it work?

The community will be empowered to make impactful decisions to help steer the direction of the group. Voting takes place on our built-in application. To become a member you’ll need to create a digital wallet and own at least 1 VEXT.

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racing teams

The Veloce Media Group will include a vast range of international series including: Extreme E, W-Series, Formula E and eventually Formula 1, placing VMG at the ‘pinnacle of motorsport’.

esports teams

The group shall include teams, across the most popular esports games, with an elite roster of esports players, participating in the biggest tournaments in the world.

new ip

Within the group, we will acquire new intellectual property, which can act as a new source of revenue and bring value to the organisation.


A portion of funds shall be dedicated to supporting existing and emerging talent and content creators within the space that shares our values and ethos.


A percentage of funds raised will be used to support diversity and inclusion initiatives within motorsport as well as to assist environmental legacy projects.

our promise to you


We share our decisions with our community.


Like our racing teams. We go fast. Join the journey with us.


We strive to include as many people in all we do.


Nothing is impossible, we like to shoot for the stars.

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Cool s*it coming


The Veloce Media Group and VEXT have a long journey ahead. Check out our guide to learn about our brand's strategy and plans.

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This new space certainly can cause some confusion. Luckily you’ve come to the right place, we live at the intersection of sports, gaming and Web 3.0.

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