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We are pioneers of Web 3.0 and its application towards sports, gaming and content. Using the latest technologies, we are positioning ourselves to be a leader in these sectors across all of our established brands.

With VEXT we are disrupting the traditional sports ownership model by giving our community the ability to have a meaningful impact and therefore drive culture forward in our operating industries.

Initially, VEXT will include team integration of Veloce Racing’s Extreme E team and Veloce's Esports team, Veloce Elites, with planned further expansion across the entire ecosystem.

teams & brands
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VEXT will be integrated throughout the Veloce Media Group (VMG), including our world-class talent and athletes, pioneering Joint Ventures, elite esports teams, and real-world, purpose-led, sporting assets.

VMG will continue to develop and license new Joint Ventures and expand its roster of teams and assets within the gaming and sports industries.

media network
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Our vast media network will adopt VEXT. This shall be reflected within our content and lead to the expansion of the network, acquiring new channels and signing of exciting influencers and ambassadors to the VMG brand.

events &
irl activations
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VEXT will provide VMG with a greater presence at public events, utilising its partnerships and activations across its network to offer private token-holder events.
VEXT members will have exclusive access to these experiences at events and get the chance to meet our athletes and influencers.

platform &
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Across our multitude of existing platforms and products, from gaming platforms to apparel, VEXT will be directly integrated into these.

With VEXT integrated into our gaming platforms, players can gain access to in-game items and events.

VMG will continually evaluate additional games, platforms and IP for VEXT implementation and utility.

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