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Our group is building one of the first community-owned gaming & sports media organisations. We’ve migrated our massive scale and utility to the Web 3.0 world. Which we believe is a natural evolution for gaming and sports teams

Gaming and Sports Brands

The group is made up of multiple brands across gaming, esports and sports. Primarily operating in the racing space both in the physical and virtual worlds.

Content and pro talent

Our network includes talented creators entertaining audiences in a variety of games in countries around the world.

Monthly views

We create content, both in house, for our partners and through our creators. We create content in different games from EA's F1 game to Call of Duty and beyond.

People in our team

Based in London, Veloce Media Group has over 40 employees creating content, designing brands, managing talent and more.

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Fueling The Biggest Digital Racing Media Network In The World

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We understand.

This new space certainly can cause some confusion. Luckily you’ve come to the right place, we live at the intersection of sports, gaming and Web 3.0.

What is Veloce Media Group (VMG)?
What does this mean for me as a fan?
What are you doing about the environmental impact surrounding digital assets?
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We collaborate with ambitious brands and rad people. Let’s build.

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