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VEXT token holders to choose livery for British squad's ODYSSEY 21 in Chile

Veloce Racing will be in action during the Extreme E Season 3 finale with a special livery chosen by fans. As part of the recently launched VEXT, token holders have today (9 October) been given a choice to vote between three unique designs for the team’s livery ahead of the Antofagasta Minerals Copper X Prix.

Token holders are positioned to influence Veloce’s Extreme E team as it continues to grow and develop in the motorsport world. In the race for decentralization, VEXT enables its growing community to vote on decisions and impact the future of the team, in this case voting on the livery for the next event in Chile.

VEXT allows token holders to integrate within the Veloce groups eco-system and have tangible influence on the direction of assets within the Veloce Media Group. Token holders are also able to transact across games and interactive sports features, with rewards such as tokens, early access to merchandise, and experience of real-world events.

This activation around Veloce Racing’s next Extreme E livery is the most recent proposal for the VEXT community. Former examples include VEXT marks the spot, where token holders voted for London as the next hot spot for VEXT promotion.

The livery-focused vote ends 16 October, and the winning design will be on display in Chile for the final Extreme E double-header of the season, where Veloce Racing’s bid for the title reaches a thrilling showdown.

Veloce Racing drivers Molly Taylor and Kevin Hansen have taken two wins this season, in Saudi Arabia and Scotland, and a podium in their last outing was enough to keep the title fight alive.

The fourth event of the calendar in Sardinia saw Veloce Racing hold onto third in the Extreme E championship standings, just 21 points off the top of the standings with plenty of points available in Rounds 9 and 10.

Rupert Svendsen-Cook, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Veloce, said: "One month on from launch, we're delighted with the progress of VEXT so far. We have established ourselves on the leading exchanges, driven significant adoption and achieved consistently very impressive trading volumes.

“Our ultimate ambition is to become a decentralised global sporting group, so as we continue to evolve the entire Veloce ecosystem to web3 through VEXT, integrating our community with governance proposals like this one takes a significant step towards that.

“This governance vote to choose our Veloce Racing Extreme E livery in Chile, where we will go with a shot at winning the championship is a great and fun way to engage our community in what we hope could be a milestone weekend for Veloce and our fans!"

Veloce is perfectly positioned to drive Web3 adoption, having so far attracted over 35 million subscribers and nearly one billion monthly views with a focus on gaming, purpose-driven motorsport, and now Web3.

To have a say on decisions shared with the community, at least 1 $VEXT in a digital wallet or membership in a Silver, Gold, or Platinum Race Club - our gamified reward pools - are needed to be able to vote. Find out more about VEXT and how to get involved here.

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