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Today, Veloce Media Group proudly announces the launch of its partnership with Racino, an innovative multiplayer racing management and simulation platform set to redefine the landscape of virtual motorsports. Through the incorporation of the VEXT token into Racino’s ecosystem, players can acquire various collectible cars, liveries, and driver cosmetics. The heightened emphasis on ownership brings a fresh wave of excitement to each part of the gameplay, creating a more immersive and active playing environment.

Racino will transform the future of motorsport management games, as players not only step into the shoes of a team principal but also take ownership and development of their cars, where strategic choices drastically impact race outcomes, public renown, and tangible rewards. Unlike most racing games on the market today, Racino elevates itself by mirroring real-life dynamics, where victories and defeats in motorsport management carry tangible financial weight, blending the thrill of racing with strategic financial planning and skill based gaming.

Racino’s Key Features:

Digital Ownership: Players have exclusive rights to digital collectibles like cars, liveries, and driver cosmetics. These items offer exciting trading and selling opportunities based on market demand or scarcity.

Real Stakes & Rewards: Racino utilizes the same exhilarating 'risk vs reward' mechanics of the real world, allowing players to revel in the tangible outcomes of their in-game decisions. Winning races, managing reward mechanisms for greater gains, honing skills through gameplay, and increasing the rarity of their assets are not just for fun – they're strategic moves that lead to real, measurable rewards, reflecting the true nature of competitive racing.

Elevated Multiplayer: Racino brings a distinct multiplayer experience to your browser, connecting players across the globe to build their racing empires and strategize against friends and foes alike. Secure your place in tightly contested grids and manage your team to motorsport glory -- where your skill on the track shapes your legacy in the thrilling world of virtual motorsports.

Hi-Fi Simulations: Situated at the forefront of virtual motorsport realism, Racino’s cutting-edge technology and complex AI algorithms create a deeply immersive racing experience. Every decision, from track selection to car modifications, interacts with dynamic weather and realistic physics right before your eyes, in stunning 3D & 2D.

Mastery Matters: Steer your own path in Racino, where every choice dictates success. Each car, equally matched in potential, offers unique configurations begging for exploration and strategic mastery. Skillfully manage your budget, parts, and tunings to unveil your car’s full potential, as winning is about clever strategy, not a roll of the dice.

VEXT Integration: Racino, Integrated with Veloce Media Group's VEXT token, enables players to purchase virtual racing assets, blending inherent and performance-based value. This system not only brings the excitement of the track to your device but also allows for seamless transactions and access to exclusive content, marrying tangible rewards with the thrill of motorsport gaming.

Rupert Svendsen-Cook, Founder of the Veloce Media Group, said: “Veloce has and always will be an incredibly effective marketing funnel for many racing games however this moment marks the chapter of progressing to promoting our own gaming titles. Racino really is the most immersive and engaging racing game to come to web3, nothing comes close ! Veloce has 38 million racing gaming fans within our network and integrating VEXT within Racino is an incredibly compelling proposition for all stakeholders - primarily our community! With its pioneering approach to combining real stakes with immersive gameplay, Racino offers players a unique and thrilling experience. Racino will captivate our gamers with its unbelievably realistic simulation and strategic challenges. To say this is a game changer would be an understatement!”

Additionally, Lorenzo George, CEO of Racino, referenced their partnership with Veloce Media Group, "as essential to reaching one of the most passionate audiences in gaming and motorsports". Lorenzo also discussed the integration of the VEXT token into Racino, which enriches the gaming experience by offering diverse engagement and reward opportunities for players.

Racino is gearing up for its Q1 2024 launch, offering an exhilarating blend of motorsports and skill-based gaming. Be one of the first to join, by signing up for the Alpha on Drive into the future of virtual racing and stay informed by following @Racinogaming & @Vextoken on X (formerly Twitter).

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